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And so it begins . . .

We celebrated the return of autumn on Sunday, our annual Fall Extravaganza. We ate split pea soup, cornbread, and walnut-Gorgonzola-cranberry salad, drizzled in a walnut-fig dressing; we sipped hard apple cider; we nibbled freshly baked chocolate cake; we exchanged gifts the likes of candles and napkins, pumpkin salsa and honeycomb chocolate.

A usual, it was an altogether delightful way to ring in our favorite time of year.

Also delightful: tomorrow my mum and I leave for a wee holiday.  That means I’ll be frolicking for the remainder of the week. Since I’ve been something of a slacker the last few months, you’ll hardly notice a difference. There simply won’t be a post on Friday (there may be Instagram photos, however—in case you simply must know my goings on).

I do hope your week + weekend are stupendous. And I hope your autumn is off to the grandest of starts . . .

autum_collageHarney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea | Concrete candle holders by EllipsisDsgn

Clog boot from Sandgrens | Stoneware mug from Laura Harmon Pottery

MoHeap orange canvas backpack from Modernaked | The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

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A little weekend magic

Did you know Samantha Stevens turned fifty? Oh yes, it’s true.

Samantha Stevens was the coolest.  Sure, she wasn’t exactly as she seemed, and she had some crazy apples in her family tree. Still, she managed to keep it together more often than not.

I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

So I’d watch an episode of Bewitched – then promptly pretend I was her. (I totally had her nose twitch down—which, according to “shocking” revelations is no nose twitch at all, but rather a movement of the mouth. Please—so obvious.)

Now that I mention, I still kind of wish I had the ability to get things done with a ‘twitch of my nose.’ I mean, really.  Can you imagine how productive we’d be? So productive. And we could meet for tea, whenever we please!

Wretched luck, this mortal business.

Nonetheless, I hope the coming days are sprinkled with a hint of magic . . .

A charmed weekend, to you!


I *heart* autumn

{Pumpkin pie organic lollipop from Twinkle Bean}

Well, it’s official. Autumn has arrived.

But the calendar says we have a few more days, you say. Well, it’s mistaken. How do I know? Two words: pumpkin pie.

On Saturday, whilst eating at ‘the home’ my grandma says,”Phoebe, was there something you wanted to ask the girls?”

“Well, I hate to ask,” says Phoebe.

“She wants pumpkin pie, from Marie Calendars,” says my grandma.

We do love Phoebe; and she rarely asks for a thing, so we were on it. But my grandmother was dubious. Every few minutes, until we left, she’d say something like . . .

“So, you don’t mind to pick up a pumpkin pie for Phoebe?”

“Phoebe’s really looking forward to that pumpkin pie.”

“That’s really all I needed, was to ask you about Phoebe’s pumpkin pie.”

“You can probably get the best pumpkin pie from Marie Calendars.”

When we finally brought said pie, she asked if we bought the pumpkin pie from Marie Calendars. You’ll be glad to know I refrained from spouting, “Oh, you wanted a pumpkin pie–from Marie Calendars? That’s so weird .  . . we could have sworn you said a mutton pie from the dollar store.”

Anyway, the old girls ended up sharing that pie with my mom and I. We had ourselves an impromptu party and pumpkin pie (with the most delectable pie crust) was the guest of honor.

So there you have it: a little something unexpected, a few friends, laughter, and fresh baked goodness. And that, my friends, is what autumn’s made of . . .


P.S.- How cute are those pumpkin pie lollipops?  A party favor for your favorite sweet.

And I quote

In other words