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So bright


I’m certain you’ve got it on your calendar, but just in case–tomorrow (June 27) is National sunglasses day.

Given the temperatures are expected to rise into the triple digits, it looks as though I will be celebrating in of doors, air conditioning blasting, tall iced beverage hand. But never you fear—I will be sure to wear my shades whilst doing so.

Other than a couple of afternoon and evening to-dos, that’s really all I’ve planned. Of course, vacation is less than a month away. That means, 1) your future may hold real, honest to-goodness posts about a place other than my hometown; and 2) I have a ton of things to accomplish between now and then.

I need a nap just thinking about it.

But I digress . . .

I hope the sun smiles upon you in the coming days. I hope the hours find you footloose and fancy free. I hope you can meander, daydream, maybe enjoy a meal outside—free of storms or pestilence of any sort. In other words, I hope you’re weekend’s so bright, you’ve gotta wear shades.



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Let there be light!


Happy Midsummer’s Eve, my friends!

You know, midsummer is a pretty big deal in Sweden. It’s easy to see why—after all, inhabitants of the Scandinavian country have spent the past few months enduring dark, gloomy days. The hope of longer days, filled with light is a mighty fine reason to celebrate.

To show the rest of us how it’s done, I had planned to post a “Midsummer for dummies” video. Unfortunately, it turned out to be not-so G-rated.

In its stead, a nutshell: festivities include food and beverage, flowers and sunshine, family and friends, laughter and shenanigans. From there, you’ll have to wing it.

With that, I hope the coming days shine bright and happy.



Summertime amusements

{my summer fun will not, however, including donning a bikini of any sort}

Each year, at the start of summer, a friend sits around the table with her family as they share, one-by-one, contributions to the ‘Summer Fun’ list. I think it a splendid idea—no matter your age, or if you’ve a large family or none at all.

As a matter of fact, it seems all the more important for us older sorts. After all, the older we get the easier it becomes to get bogged down with the necessities. We get so caught up in all we need to accomplish, we lose sight of the gloriously simple pleasures summer has to offer.

We mustn’t miss out.

So, without further ado (and in no particular order), my personal Summer Fun list:

See my family! | Fika | laugh | star gaze | picnic | eat ice cream, BBQ fare, a 5-course Italian dinner | blow bubbles | read frivolous books | sip peach iced tea | cut fresh flowers | dine al fresco | specifically, enjoy breakfast on the patio | run through the sprinklers | write my name with a sparkler | explore Sweden | take in a baseball game | peruse outdoor art | walk barefoot in the grass | journal | snap photos | make s’mores (with Nutella) | watch a film under the stars | watch a play under the stars | meander amid the pine trees | road trip | go boating | listen to the birds sing | swim | partake in a cherry pit spitting contestbe pleasantly surprised (because we must save room for those things we would have never imagined we always wanted)

Now, what about you?