For posterity

SWell then, I should be good to go.

Two weeks ago, to this day, I sloshed my way to a small cottage—second one in, to the right of the beekeeping hive. It faced the big house and an old grey barn, and nestled in, good and comfy like, on a parcel of land where, I can only imagine, there once lived an orchard.

I arrived bearing a wee hostess gift, proper writing accoutrements (as specifically instructed), and a mind set on adventure.

That last bit didn’t stick around for long. As a matter of fact, it blew that Popsicle stand right about the time we were instructed to write a wee bio, including one fictionalized account, in ten minutes.

And, begin . . .

With the clock ticking, I assumed standard operating procedures for a pop-quiz. Mainly, I panicked and my mind drew a blank. Whilst the others furiously penned their life stories, I struggled to recall from whence I came. As for reading our creations aloud? We’ll just pretend that part never happened . . .

All the same, when all was said and done, the writing workshop seemed a smashing success. Apparently, I was the only one who felt the need to eat a doughnut and fall into bed immediately afterwards. Rather than tire, it invigorated the others; and it showed in their work–even the one who claimed to be no writer at all.

And let’s not forget the one who amazed us all with her grace and talent. With each writing prompt she delivered a story worthy of any literary journal–lovely, poetic prose, with words that played, and sang, and danced.

Of course, even then, her name was Malia and she hailed from Hawaii, which I took as my sign I should have been home watching Hawaii 5-0.

So tonight marks the second gathering of the literati. I shan’t be in attendance. More than likely, when the clock strikes 6:00, I’ll be sitting on my couch, in my pjs, doing what I should have been doing two weeks ago. But perhaps I’ll do a little writing, too. After all, sometimes you’ve got to sit yourself down and get it done–just, you know, maybe without the timer.

And I quote

In other words




Ain’t it grand


Would you look at that bright blue sky. And those trees—they’re certainly the life of the party.

Needless to say, I’m hoping to get out there and snap a few more photos in the coming days. Word on the street is the lovely weather just might stick around for such shenanigans. That means I’ll also be playing in the dirt. Weeds lurk about, you know.

Of course, it won’t all be cameras and dungarees.

There are babies to celebrate: a friend’s short film, debuting at a local theatre, and a sweet baby girl, debuting next month.

Spring—a time for celebration and new beginnings. Ain’t it grand?

So to you dear friends, I wish a splash of color, a hint of productivity, and a little something to celebrate. Most of all, I wish you the joy of a new season.

Bright and happy weekend wishes you to!


Science gals


Friday evening I received a text from my friend’s daughter–Saturday morning her team would be competing in the statewide Science Olympiad, would I want to come over and watch?

Um, yeah.

Assigned ‘shock value,’ she and her partner joined a dozen or so other kids in a lab where they had to complete a timed task, followed by a written exam. It was completely nerve wracking–at least for those of us watching from the hallway, through the glass panes. 

The kids seemed fine.

Speaking of the kids, there were a lot of them, all wearing team t-shirts. The front of the shirts, above, for instance: Never argue with a 90-degree angle. It’s always right. *snicker*

Sure, I may have never excelled in math and science, but these are my people.

Of course, it wasn’t all work. Since our event took place in the morning, we had plenty of time to kill. So we made our way to the mall, where we bought new clothes, ate ice cream, and laughed until we cried.

When all was said and done, I was thankful to live in a land where girls are not only allowed, but encouraged to think and learn and grow.

I was thankful for the opportunity to witness our future at work.

From what I saw, we’re going to be OK.

And I quote

In other words