The sunshine diner

As usual, our garden is looking something of a sunflower farm . . .


It’s not necessarily on purpose, mind. Sure, we planted a few seeds. As usual, those seeds sprouted spindly and they’ve yet to bloom. No, the flowers that have moved in and made themselves at home, seemed to do so on their own accord.

Thankfully, they’re all on the smallish side (not a fan of blooms the size of your head). So far, they’re pretty straight forward; yellow with yellow centers, yellow with brown centers. You know, the usual suspects . . .


Every once in awhile we’ll get a splash of red . . .


Or a dose of crimson – which, of course, makes us giddy . . .

Should you come by for a visit, however, do not be aghast when you see something like this . . .


Or this . . .


Or even this . . .


Yes, we know the rules of deadheading; but we also know this fellow, along with his family and friends . . .

Of course, once you serve food, you must also offer a cool beverage. And heaven forbid you have a busy week and let your service slip a bit. They’re a vocal crowd. If they go in to wet their whistle and find the establishment not up to par, they will let you know; you might even get a look or two . . .

It’s not easy running a popular diner.

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In other words



Ha! We made it . . .

unncessary_panicA Time Wasting Experiment letterpress print from Provax

Thank you for all the sweet messages, in celebration of our newest little someone to love.

To think, I didn’t even respond.

Time flies, and all that, but this year truly seems to be traveling at warp speed. Perhaps Provax is right. Perhaps I’m wasting time; Perhaps I simply need to hone my time management skills. I did, after all, panic for no good reason yesterday.  At current, we’re juggling multiple projects  . . .  one deadline. This, of course, means but one thing: my co-workers and I are taking a ride on the crazy train.

So yesterday, in the middle of one project, I realize I need to get a message out on another. The minute I hit ‘Send’ I thought the date was wrong. Thought, being the operative word here. If only I had stopped to look, I could have saved myself the blood rushing to my head, the racing heart, the momentary consideration of where I might, possibly, go to hide.

Perhaps I need to work on that.

Perhaps I’ll get right on it next week.

Today I’d much rather focus on the fact that it’s Friday.

With that, I wish you a happy surprise or two, a laid back attitude, and time that moves at the perfect pace . . .

Happy weekend, my friends!


Special delivery alert

I am now the proud auntie of both a nephew and a niece. That’s right—Miss Ella Mae made her debut this morning; and she’s 19.6 inches, 7.7 pounds of pure deliciousness.

Oh, Sweden, why must you be so far away?

You know, we tend to wrap these wee ones in a thick, woolen blanket of hopes and dreams—we want them to be happy and successful, full of peace and filled with laughter. Every moment, of every day.

But I think the best thing we can do, right from the start, is simply offer a prayer of thanks. To take a moment and truly celebrate.

So I hope you’ll join me in celebrating a new little someone to love. At some point during the day I hope you’ll eat your favorite food, sip your favorite beverage, play your favorite tunes. You might dance, you most definitely should laugh. You know, partake of the good stuff.

In that, we can say with authority, welcome to the world, sweet baby girl . . .


And I quote

In other words: