Party on!


First of all, let me just say: I am completely smitten with the illustrations of Tracey Long. If you click the photo, above, you can see more at her shop, ChasingtheCrayon. And I love the story behind her work . . .

It was while eating a very large cream cake and deciding what to do with the rest of my life that the idea for ChasingtheCrayon was born. ‘What people really need,’ I told my companion, unaware of the large blob of cream on the end of my nose, ‘is frivolousness for walls!’

Speaking of frivolity, our family is well into our month of festivity. We’ve two birthdays and one anniversary down, six birthdays and one anniversary to go.

We’ll be celebrating my grand-ma-ma Sunday. She’ll be eighty-five. We’re afraid she’s expecting a big to-do, when really it will be small {albeit festive} affair. Here’s hoping for the best . . .

Sunday also happens to be ‘It’s my party day.’ (No, I did not make that up; someone did, but twasn’t me.)

So even if October is not your month to party, you still have reason to party. And given that it’s your party, you can do whatever you please.

With that, a lovely weekend to you.



A seasonal celebration

The Idaho Botanical Garden hosted a Fall Harvest Festival over the weekend . . .

With music and pumpkin painting, libations and food trucks, vendors and scarecrows, there was a little something for everyone . . .

Some enjoyed craft beer or wine from local breweries and wineries; some chased children and otherwise attempted to corral their party; some perused wares; some took pictures of plain old water spouts and flowers past their prime. . .

Okay, so I was probably the only one whom partook of that last bit . . .

More than once I looked up to catch a pitiful glance, as if to say, “Poor love. She’s no clue those flowers are done for . . .”

To which, more than likely, I returned the pitiful glance, as if to say, “Poor love. You’ve no idea the fabulous sights you’re passing right over . . . “

I mean, really—fireworks . . .

So while you may have had to miss out on the Fall Harvest Festival, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. The next time you’re out for a stroll, simply take a closer look.The change of seasons, from winter-to-spring or summer-to-fall, are the best times to catch sight of nature’s unsung beauty . . .

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The stuff of legend


Well, there goes another week . . .

For the record, last weekend turned out to be perfectly delightful, despite the onslaught of blue skies and sunshine.

Perfect weather for meandering Museum comes to life with my mum. I even got to catch up with an old friend. Of course, once we quit yammering, my mum was nowhere to be found. Then I spotted her . . . with a knight. Apparently, he had asked her to carry his colours, which entailed choosing his weapon for battle (an axe, she told me later: I blurted ‘axe;’ I don’t know why – it seems an unusually gruesome choice).

When the fighting commenced, he came back to my mum. “M’ lady, I may not have won every battle, but I hope I fought valiantly – enough to win your favour.”

Ah, chivalry . . .

Speaking of which, I hope you find a hint of chivalry all your own in the coming days—a little bravery, a little generosity, a little victory (big or small).

Happy weekend my friends!


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