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A song of freedom

I’m convinced that when birds sing, they sing of freedom. As a matter of fact, there’s probably a special tune for three-day weekends . . .

Think about it–there’s a lot to be happy about when it comes to three glorious days off.

For my part I intend to take the Labor Day holiday very seriously by being as worthless as possible. Sure, there are a couple family to-dos, hot air balloons, maybe even a vintage fly-by or two. Other than that, nothing planned. Just a little of this, a little of that–but nothing penned in ink.


Whatever your plans, I hope the hours are all your own; I hope work takes a backseat, and fun takes the wheel . . .

Happiest of weekend wishes, to you!



The artistry of history

See this sky? This is the sky that greeted us Saturday morning . . .

Of course, the night before it was dark and angry, spitting rain and and throwing hail. Such shenanigans have been afoot for some time.

So no side trip to a ghost town for us.

Perhaps it’s for the best. It was, after all, an honest-to-goodness ghost town. It would have just been us and, well, the ghosts. The creepy-factor may have been more than I could handle.

As it was, we were not without adventure. We meandered about, passing waterfalls and picking apricots. We said hello to a few fish and lunched with a few golfers. We stopped in at Cloverleaf Creamery, for ice cream cones (chocolate raspberry for me; so good it could make a grown man cry).

We also swung by the airport.

Not to catch a flight, mind you (there were none to be had), but to view the mural. You see, a few years back, artist Gary Stone began working on large mural at the Twin Falls Regional Airport, one that would portray the history of transportation.

You’ll find all manner of aircraft flying amid the arched entryway . . .

But it’s the wall—42 feet long, 9 feet high, covered in cedar—where the cars and trucks, bicycles and motorcycles, boats and rafts hold sway.

At least, that’s how it began.

Once he began setting the stage for the transportation, people began to recognize their own lives in the landscape. So they requested he add them—a ranch here, a shop there.

And so he did . . .

You’ll even catch site of faces, etched into the land they once called home; ghosts of original settlers . . .

Much like the transportation it depicts, this work of art takes us places—some recognized, others newly discovered. It’s a testament to a region’s legacy. It’s a visual reminder that it’s the people and the work of their hands—past, present, and future—that make a place great.

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Weekend ramblin’

Ah, there’s nothing quite like a vintage ride.

Which has nothing at all to do with this post, mind you. Except maybe for the fact that I’ll be going on a wee road trip this weekend. My mum and I will be off visiting a friend, to celebrate her birthday, and otherwise do as she pleases. I’ll be sure to let you know what all that entails upon my return.

Of course, with the myriad of projects as of late, I’m looking forward to unplugging for a few days. Two whole days without staring at a computer screen (or two) sounds positively delightful.  The rest seems a bonus.

With that, I hope the weather cooperates, laughter fills the air, and memories abound. Better throw some junk food in there for good measure; after all, a road trip isn’t complete without it.

So before I pack up and head out, I want to wish you a good weekend. May the coming days find you having adventures all your own . . .

Happy days to you, my friends!