Oh, the adventure

{Let’s go on a road trip print from Wild Travels}

Perhaps I need to purchase this print, to remind me road trips are super-duper fun.

Because I’ll tell you now, I’m  not feeling it.

Next week I’ll be hitting the open road with my dad and two fellows who work for him. Our destination: Vegas. That’s ten hours, at the very least. Ten hours of blank, flat land, mile after endless mile.

The thought is enough to make a grown girl cry.

That being said, I have a ton of things to accomplish this weekend; and next week may very well be a whirlwind.

So this wish will have to get you through the weekend, straight on through the week, and through another weekend. But I’ll tell you now, there are bound to be stories upon my return.

With that, I wish you a road paved with adventure . . . good food and even better conversation . . . laughter and hope for a brighter future . . .

Happy, to you!


The race

RunThe last wave–the wee runners, and their encouragers

It was a weekend of family to-dos. One of which included a fun run: one mile up historic Harrison Boulevard by waves of elementary school children, the occasional parent or pet thrown in for moral support.

We planted our feet in a grassy spot, mid-way, on what we soon found to be the boys’ side; then we waited for familiar faces. Until that time, I stood content to cheer on any fellow who ran before me:

The fellow pushing his friend . . .

The fellow without legs . . .

The fellow who obviously had runners as parents . . .

The fellow who most certainly did not . . .

All sorts and varieties ran, walked, rolled, or limped past. They were strong and brave and handsome, every last one of them.

For our part, we clapped and cheered and carried on. Well done, men! Good job! Look—you can see the finish line!

It may have been the smallest trace of a smile, it may have been a second wind (even if he yelled, “There are a thousand miles to go!” as he ran past), but that odd group of strangers, cheering on the sidelines, managed to make a difference.

Sure, an attitude sneaked in every now and again, but for the most part, they seemed grateful for a little push to carry on. One small fellow even ran a bit closer, looked me in the eye, and said, “Thank you,” as he jogged past.

And then my heart melted.

See? A little encouragement goes a long way. Something to keep in mind as we continue the race we call our own . . .

And I quote

In other words

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Weekend rising


Did you get a chance to see the blood moon this week?

I rolled out of bed around 4 a.m., threw on my robe, shoved my feet in some flip-flops, and shuffled outside, camera in hand. Not that it did a lot of good, mind you. My camera hadn’t a clue what to focus on . . . until close to 6, when the show was nearly over . . . then it was all, “Ooh, it’s the moon!

Hence, the picture of a rather pasty-looking moon now before you.

I did, however, manage to snap a photo of the elusive “invisible” tangerine moon, which was quite the hit on Facebook.

So you see, sometimes when you don’t get what you want, you end up getting what you never-knew-you-always wanted.  And that just might be the best of all.

With that, I hope the moon smiles down on you; I hope you have the chance to stargaze. And whatever you’ve planned, I hope it turns out all the better . . .

Bright, happy weekend wishes to you!


October shenanigans

Nothing like coming back from vacation and jumping right back into to crazy. There were weekend to-dos—places to go, people to see. Of course, all I really wanted to do was nap.

So, to help alleviate my pitiful state, I meandered through Kathryn Albertson park, where I proceeded to snap completely random photos of this and that.

Things like the first splash of color . . .

Echoes of cone flowers . . .

Yeah, I haven’t a clue. . .

Still don’t know . . .

“Pressed” flowers . . .

Leaves ablaze, with a background of sunlight, sparkling on the water . . .


You know, on the drive in, I began to question my decision to take my camera. After all, it’s highly unlikely any of the colors will change before October, thought I.

Oh, right.

That being said, we best enjoy it while we can—because a new month has a funny way of sneaking up on a person.