Blue skies

The sky paid visit over the weekend. Unless you’re frolicking mid-summer, there’s no need to remind you the level of excitement a development of this magnitude can spark.

We meandered the parks in droves—young and old, on two legs and on four. There were young people in short sleeves; pups in sweaters. We snapped photos; we played catch; we soaked in a few rays and breathed in a bit of fresh air.

If we looked up at just the right moment, we even caught sight of blue . . .

Patches, you know. There remained clouds . . . a mark of snow . . . a hint of ice . . .

What water remained, languished dark and muddled; but no one much seemed to mind . . .

As a matter of fact, the sun awoke splashes of color . . .

Enough to set the stage for an air of celebration. Even the freeze dried leaves seemed ready to party . . .

Just you wait, they seemed to say . . .

Time marches. One day soon, these cold, blustery days will once again be behind us.

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Hi there & hello


Hi there,

And how cute is this wee sign from the Say Hello Shop? Looks like spring–to which I’m all for extending a warm greeting.

Speaking of which, did you know ‘hello’ rose to fame in light of the telephone? It’s true. Powers that be realized we needed a greeting when answering the line; and ‘hello’ won out. Much to Alexander Graham Bell’s dismay, mind you. He much preferred we answer with, “Ahoy!”

And now I have an overwhelming urge to exclaim, “Ahoy!” each time I answer the phone. Overwhelming urge, I tell you.

But hello, it is . . . hello to you, hello to the weekend. However you choose to greet the days ahead, I hope they find you happy!





Over the weekend, I perused images for yesterday’s quote.

I began with images of the man, himself; but I wanted a photo that mirrored the meaning behind his words. There were a few of him and his family–even if I could use them legally, the thought of doing so seemed wrong . . . like hijacking the story of another.

So I moved on. Which led me to this photo. Apparently, I was completely oblivious when it last made the rounds. Thank heavens for random searches, because I’m certain my life is richer having seen it. Like the photographer, I can’t help wonder, “at what point do we begin to mistrust one another? When do we begin to judge one another based on gender or race?”

I pondered. I continued my search. I happened upon this gem . . .
A Girl, a Dog and a Horse (1921)

After doing a bit of sleuthing, I found this to be a still from the 1921 silent film Through the Back Door. It stars Mary Pickford, as a 10-year-old Jeanne, a young girl abandoned by her mother in early 1900’s Belgium.

Of course, once I knew the story I had to find the film . . .

So if you’re looking for a diversion (approximately 88 minutes worth), grab yourself a warm beverage, snuggle in, and watch yourself a delightful silent film.

And I quote

In other words