A good time to be thankful


You may have noticed: I’ve been the world’s worst at posting this year. It’s been crazy, all around. All the more so the last couple months.

Just to give you a glimpse at what you’ve missed . . .

A couple weeks ago, after furiously stuffing food in my mouth with my left hand, whilst typing with my right (because, let’s be serious, who has time for lunch?) I decided to make a run for the restroom. Don’t judge. It’s my only form of exercise as of late.

So I’m at the sink, washing my hands when I realize some of the food did not actually make it to my mouth. Instead, it settled in, quite comfy-like, on my sweater.  Seeing how I had a meeting in twenty minutes, I grabbed a wad of paper towels, ran it under water, and began frantically wiping away the evidence. Just as I was congratulating myself on a job well done, something caught my eye . . . specifically, I noticed the loose knit pattern right where I was rubbing soaked paper towels. I pulled back the side of my cardigan and sure enough, there was a wet spot on my blouse . . . in a most unfortunate location. Aghast, I been blowing on the spot with all my might–as a matter of fact, I blew so vigorously I spit on myself.

True story.

That’s pretty much when I unraveled. Had anyone entered the restroom at that precise moment they would have found a woman talking to herself (“Oh my word, I just spit on myself! This is such a low point . . . “), followed by maniacal laughter.

Needless to say, I’m thankful no one paid witness to the debacle.

I’m thankful (for all intents and purposes) I got it together in time for the meeting.

I’m thankful for good food and good conversation–even if I must stuff it in, here and there.

I’m thankful for a spectacular sunrise–even if I don’t get another chance to see the sky until evening.

I’m thankful for people who’ve remained kind and gracious–even during a ridiculous (and rather embarrassing) presidential election.

I’m thankful for laughter–even if it’s at my own expense.

Now I realize, we’re not in the month in which to focus on thankfulness. But sometimes you find a thankful heart at the most unexpected of times, in the most unexpected of ways. And sometimes, that’s the best time to admit such.

With that, a good weekend to you, my friends! May the days ahead fill your heart with all sorts of gratitude . . .


P.S. Speaking of things for which to be thankful: that owl! I happened upon  him quite by accident this week. He’s an illustration by Natasha Muhl. Her Etsy store is called Tashi Face and you simply must check out her bird illustrations. Also, the rat mouse. I’m fairly certain I must call him my own . . . though maybe after Christmas.