A good Friday to you

Today, you may have noticed, is Good Friday–otherwise known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, even Long Friday. Personally, that last one seems most appropriate, especially for the one whom we celebrate. Even those of us who observe Easter with great pomp and circumstance, tend to gloss over the painful details of Friday. Who wants to mix sadness with joy? Gore with brightly colored eggs?

I’ve long mixed the two myself–figuratively speaking, of course.

In elementary school we were assigned the creation of Easter works of art. There we sat, surrounded by crate paper, Crayolas, and Elmer’s glue, furiously cutting out magic with each snip of the plastic scissors. When all was said and done, we hung them on the wall. As you may imagine, mine stood out. It was three crosses on a hill–with Easter eggs hidden in the grass, below. Obviously, my teacher never fathomed such a blatant nod to faith, for she pulled me aside and informed me the error of my ways.

Funny thing, my Sunday School teacher most likely would have reprimanded me for mixing eggs and Golgatha.

Yet to me, faith in things above, cannot help but mingle with that here below. For that is life. And life? Well, that’s the whole point of Easter.

So to you, dear friends, I wish glorious days ahead. Whether you fill baskets, hunt for eggs, or worship; whether you do a little of each or nothing at all, I wish a weekend kissed with mercy, wrapped in love, and filled with peace.

Happy Easter weekend to you and yours!


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    Happy Easter weekend to you!
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