The weekend rundown

{A budding hellebore or Toucan Sam on holiday? You decide.}

Over the weekend, the sun shone bright and clear one day, the clouds took over the next. My mum and I went and saw One for the Money; we laughed, in the theatre and out. Like many a weekend preceding, the days were filled with small moments. Here are a few of them . . .

Rude. As if eating a whole cake was not bad enough, Saturday, my grandma decided she wanted to take my mom and I to the Chinese food buffet. So. Much. Food. Just when I thought I might explode, the fortune cookies were delivered. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. That was my fortune, people. Yeah, I may be the only person in the history of the world whose received not one, but two {mis}fortune cookies.* Sigh.

Are you kidding me? Was it just me, or did it seem wrong to have Palm Sunday share a calendar space with April Fool’s Day?  It’s like, Let’s celebrate the start of holy week with the triumphal entry of our King . . . Psych! Just kidding!

Free entertainment. A high point of the weekend consisted of chatting with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew via Skype. Before we shut it down, my nephew wanted to show us his new skill: arm toots. Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, we laughed; but let’s be serious, the sound is funny. Then, there was my nephew: he’d take my brother’s arm like a cob of corn, blow on it, and throw himself back in hilarity before collecting himself to do the same with my sister-in-law.

Sweden may be a long distance away, but laughter travels well.

Could be good, could be bad. In a moment of weakness, I joined Pinterest. You know how I am–I love all sorts of things. That, I feared would be my problem. You see, I understood the “organize and share” aspect–I didn’t anticipate the inspiration. Oh the inspiration! It’s not so much a time suck, as a springboard. So if you, like me, just aren’t sure, I’m telling you now, give it a try. Of course, that being said, I’d appreciate you staying on alert: should I disappear for days on end, with nary a warning, we may need to hold an intervention.

With that, here’s to a new week. Let’s make it a good one, shall we?


*My other {mis}fortune cookie: when I returned from college, the only job I could find was sitting a chain-smoking elderly woman with whom I had to fight every evening, tooth and nail, to put on her seat belt before we’d go out to dinner. The only thing that worked was threatening to shuffle right back inside for TV dinners. Seeing how she loved going out, the seat belt clicked. One such evening we went to Chinese food, and that’s where my fortune read Past disappointments may resurface now. True story. And definite low point.


  • 2 April, 2012 - 11:20 am | Permalink

    I've received a fortune that read to the effect of – Not here, try again tomorrow… how can a fortune take the day off?!
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  • 3 April, 2012 - 9:41 am | Permalink

    So glad that you're pinning…yay!! I just love getting all my ideas organized, especially for the house. That way everything is right there in front of me whenever I need to reference it :)

  • Relyn
    3 April, 2012 - 3:50 pm | Permalink

    Love the laughing story – laughter travels well is a GREAT quote. And Pinterest? GREAT idea! Come find me, friend.

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