A weekend of firsts, perhaps?

{Tissue paper confetti from PomLove}

As you know, I tend to be something of a regular at “the home.” I try to join the old girls for a meal at least once a week, and one of my favorite servers is Ling. Ling’s a spitfire (probably one of the reasons I like her); but she also does her job well and never loses her patience, even in the face of curmodgeony old people.

If you ask her how she’s doing, she always replies, “So far, so good . . . ”

Seems a good way to sum up 2014 thus far. We’re not far in, but so far, so good . . .

My one complaint lies with the holiday falling mid-week. I mean really–celebrate one day and then back to work? Seems so rude. Thankfully, we’re now at the weekend.

Here’s hoping the celebration just keeps on, keepin’ on . . .

It’s the first weekend of the year, my friends. Let’s make it good!

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  • 6 January, 2014 - 7:12 am | Permalink

    I hope the first weekend of the new year was GOOD (despite the freezing temps)
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