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Oh, that Jubilant June

{via Pinterest via Pretty Perfect Pink}

Welcome to June, my friends!

It’s the month that boasts both the longest daylight hours {Northern Hemisphere} and the shortest {Southern Hemisphere}. It’s the month that serves a namesake of Juno, the goddess of marriage; and, therefore, the month in which weddings are squeezed in like the carbon atoms of a diamond.

According to Icelandic folklore, it’s also the month where you bathe nekked in the morning dew to retain your youthful radiance {June 24th to be precise, if you’d like to mark your calendars}.

If ever a month liked to party down, it would be June.

So yes, we’re heading into quite a month. And how lucky are we that it should begin with a weekend?! Let’s make the most of it; let’s take a stroll, laugh, and celebrate. Let’s snap a photo . . .  or twenty. Let’s blow bubbles–heavens, let’s blow bubbles while wearing our party hats . . . because that’s how we roll in the month of June.

. . . the brightest of weekend wishes to you!