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A matter of taste

Antiquing seems a rather fallish thing to do, a good way to while away hour after rainy hour. This past weekend, you’d have found me on a particular mission. You see my china hutch does spring, summer, and Christmas with great flourish, but tends to flounder in the autumn. So I set out for teacups in hues of orange and chocolate, maybe a deep plum or mustard thrown in for good measure.

Alas, easier said than done.

I happened upon nary a autumnal colored cup. I did, however, stumble upon a large variety of rather disturbing dolls, enough to fuel a decade’s worth of nightmares, at least. Eeh. And let’s not forget the junk–because let’s be serious, sometimes one man’s junk is really just junk. Then there were the “antique dealers” attempting to hock anything old(er) as vintage. I spotted a garden gnome from last year’s Fred Meyer collection. Last year, I tell you . . . from a grocery market. Please.

Then again, perhaps it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Perhaps it simply my frame of mind, dampened by elevator music playing ad nauseum in the background. If only I could have jitterbugged my way through the store that table lamp made of Popsicle sticks may have held some allure.

Then again, big band may have done nothing for that lady across the aisle, perusing wares while happily humming to a slow and steady Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime.

So, that was the height of my weekend adventures. You?

Also, seeing how it may take me awhile to brave the ‘antiques’ world again, if you happen upon a lovely teacup of the fallish sort, do let me know . . .


Catch a falling star

Oh, Monday — you’re so rude to disrupt us so!

You see, Italian food was on the menu for the weekend. Specifically, a little Italian restaurant that boasts a tasty brunch and an even better music selection. All the greats were there — Frank, Dean, Bing, and Perry.

I could have sat there all day, sipping mimosas and being crooned to — and I could have carried on right into today.

It remains rather tempting.

Just in case we cave, here’s a little something to get us started . . .



Having new eyes

eyeglassesWhen I saw the 80s were making a comeback, I hoped it was a passing trend. I hoped to awake one morning to find it all a wretched dream. I hoped, at the very least,  the youth of today were somehow more advanced than we at their age; that they’d take one look at the neon jewelry, denim jumpsuits, lace gloves and see it like it is: a no good, very bad idea.

Alas . . .

Last weekend, while shopping with my friend and her daughter, I happened upon the Wayfarer glasses. If you were not a child of the 80′s, let me explain: eyeglasses are cool. All the better if you don’t actually need them. You need only buy the plastic frames, with plastic lenses–the ones made to look like Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses; the ones that come in every color imaginable, so you can coordinate with every outfit you own.

Sure, when you grow up you’ll spend good money to go under the knife, all to avoid wearing glasses. But when you’re a teenager? They’re totally awesome.

I tried on a pair. They were black, with a Union Jack button on the side that read, “I love British boys.”  I took a picture for my friend who just returned from London. It was a brilliant idea–until I saw the picture. I don’t have the smallest of noses. It tends to parade a good deal in front of the rest of my features. Unfortunately for us all, the light was such that while my face remained in the shadows, my nose danced in the spotlight, thus giving the illusion of an artificial appendage.

I looked as though wearing nose-glasses.

Funny how things look differently from a different vantage point.

Speaking of which, my friend returned from London bearing gifts. Included in my packet of goodies was a postcard with this painting by Picasso.

One look and I snickered; I asked if she was trying to tell me something. (that I needed to lay off the chocolate, perhaps?)

In reality, she loved the painting. She thought I might love it, too.

So, I came home and did a bit of research. Seems there was more than met the eye. When all was said and done–when I understood the nuances, the symbolism–I did love the painting.

Seems the look of things can change in a moment–you’ve just got to be willing to see them with new eyes.


Bonus entertainment

{I’m doing a horrible job at sourcing, I know–but I couldn’t find it}

With this infernal heat, there are really only two options: play in the water or hideout in the air conditioning. Seeing how most of Boise and the surrounding area converge on the water, I tend to stick to the air conditioning.

Over the weekend, that included going to see Red 2.

It did not receive the best reviews. Pity. I quite loved it. It served the perfect hideaway for a few hours. John Malkovich slayed me. Mary-Louise Parker–how cute is she? And Dame Helen Mirren–I hope to be just like her when I grow up. Granted, I’m American . . . there’s a fairly good chance I’ll never have a title of any sort . . . and I’m not at all graceful (red carpets could do quite well without me, thank you). She does seem a bit feisty, however. Now that, we have in common . . . so, I’m on my way!

Another thing I loved about the movie–the audience. I’m not sure if it was simply the people who arrived for the 3:45 showing, or the fact that approximately 95% of the audience was over the age of 65–whatever it was, it was some good times. A bit like getting two shows for the price of one. I’d like to tell you what was so very entertaining, but alas, I’ve got nothing.

I’m gonna go ahead and blame that on the heat, too.

So, how about your weekend?


It’s all about the packaging

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for good packing.While I always think of the designer, I rarely give a second thought to those who assemble the product.

Hopefully, that will change.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of touring a packaging plant. There we were, a bunch of office dwellers, donning bright orange vests with matching orange caps, safety goggles, and steel toed shoes. Everything was a tad big on me, so I looked like a bright orange penguin, waddling about a cement island.

It wasn’t pretty.

I am happy to report, however, that I did not run into any machinery, nor did I trip and fall down. If you know me at all, you know this is quite spectacular, in and of itself.

Since I couldn’t take you all with me, here’s a glimpse . . .

Interesting, non?!

It’s also loud, even with earplugs–and hot . . . by the end of the tour our cheeks were flushed and bits of hair were plastered to our foreheads.

Of course, after 45 minutes or so, we were back in the air conditioning, on our way to an ice cold beverage.

The fellas on the floor? Not so lucky.

So the next time you admire a well-designed ‘box,’ it wouldn’t hurt to give a nod to those who produced, too.