1. Josh

    i think it a fantabulous way to start a new month. Deception followed by gluttony it's the begining of an epic really.

  2. I KNEW I SAW YOU! Scrunching or no scrunching, I saw your car and thought, mmmm…. When is she getting out? Don't worry your squealing tires were hardly noticeable. HA!! BTW, we did not run up the hill, you crazy girl. We sprinted up it. 🙂 just kidding!

  3. Kristi

    I want to work out with you! AND the first time I read this I missed smote – You did it!!!

    • Amy

      Oh that’s just sad that you missed the word of the day … weekend actually, but whatever. And yes, we’ll have to workout some time; the possibilities are endless, we could park out by Pier 1 and hike into The Cheesecake Factory for instance!

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