1. I think that pretty much sums it up! Did you know we uncovered a freezer that had been unplugged for FIVE YEARS (and had food in it!)!!!

    Poor Q actually worked for several months before getting it as nice inside as it was. Crazy-ness!

    But now they get to live there almost for free for a few years while they get started in life. Imagine the stories they'll be telling their grand-children!

    • Amy

      For a minute there I thought you said you found a foot – I about fell off my chair. Not that I would be surprised, mind you – but unnerved all the same.

      I was thinking it was months, but I thought perhaps my imagination was getting away with me.

      They’ll never believe…

  2. dana

    OH MY!!!! that picture is awesomly creepalisious! You really DID find dollparts in the yard then!!?? I really hope they will get it livable there !!!

  3. IlaQuinn

    Amen and amen to all of the above. It was beautiful to come home too. The place is by no means free of it's challenging , disastrous, crevasses, but it is SO SOOOO much better then when we left. And I can't tell you the overwhelming love we felt in seeing all the work you guys put into our house.
    Oh and as far as the creepy doll parts… if I have daughters, they are NOT getting dolls. They can play with teddy bears.

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