• A friend of Shan's actually – she's had quite a life. I met with her briefly last Friday; I'm gonna meet with her and her sister on Monday. And we'll hope for the best … 🙂

  1. AimeeE

    What is a spec? I'm confused, and I don't want to see the giant clown face. I hate clowns.

    You'd take pictures? That would be wonderful!

    • Amy

      Doing a job on speculation – basically taking a risk in hopes of it paying off down the road. Where writing is concerned, it’s writing something for free, hoping it will lead to a job. In this case, I’m writing it now hoping it will get published and then I’ll get a cut. But, as we all know, there’s no way of knowing.

      Don’t be scared of the giant clown face. I’m not so very fond of clowns myself. But this one was happy. In primary colors no less. I actually had a couple of mothers request I do one for their children’s rooms. But I promise not to give it to you for your birthday or anything.

      And I’d love to!

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