• Amy

      They are $2.19 (seriously … who comes up with these figures?!) for 300. I think the last time I checked Walgreens brand they were were 2 for $3.00 … for 50. I don’t know how they compare to Walmart. Even if it’s cheaper, it couldn’t possibly be worth it. Walmart scares me.

      • Kristi

        I love Walmart at midnight or later. It becomes a different world, very interesting. But nothing is better than Target, my favorite. I usually have to go through every section BUT grocery. Thank you very much- now every section it is.

  1. IlaQuinn

    Lol. Yeah I agree.
    That's not bad! I shall have to go get some. I hate using plastic bags but sometimes I have to because we don't have that many other containers. I would rather use these then any of the other options…

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