1. you will be in our prayers tomorrow. It will be so great when we get to be together again with Dixi one day in heaven! It will ba all of those good times and MORE! And she is fine!

    (amy, do you actually have blossoming flowers in your garden now?)

    • Amy

      Thank you so … and the only blooms in my garden are my Lenten roses – and they’re a bit on the pitiful side. I was going to take a picture of them anyway, for this very post, but it was morning … and they were still … well … sleeping … 🙂

  2. Amy…I just read your post on Dixie…I'm so sorry… what a lovely tribute to your dear friend. It was so beautiful. I know yesterday must have been a very difficult day… oh, my heart hurts… I know there is love overflowing in your hearts, I wish you and your mom and friends peace.

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