1. AimeeE

    My boyfriend cheated on me and I found out a couple days before the lame excuse for prom that homeschoolers have.

    Yours is funnier. Mine is just bad.

    • Amy

      Aimee … that is more than just bad, that’s technically classified as downright ugly. So yes, I’ll take trying to avoid my date, humiliation and dancing with a future con.

  2. Quinn

    I didn't have a prom. But if I had been to one, and with a fellow like that, I'm pretty sure I would have ended up punching him at some point… You were much more controlled then I was at that point =)

  3. ..the good, the bad, the ugly…the oh so sad ~ that's me 🙁 I didn't go to the prom… and I Was A Cheerleader for crying out loud! I'm over it, really I am… ughh..every dance but the senior prom.. 😉 I have a friend who also didn't go to the prom and when she turned thirty years ago, she had a prom themed birthday party! So fun! I can almost hear "Starry Starry Night!" I might have to do that for one of my birthdays! Could you imagine?
    You're gorgeous in that photo! I'm sure you were the favorite dance for many, just think of the stories being told in prison!

    • Amy

      I think a Prom-themed birthday party is a fabulous idea! I do believe I’ll have to be a copycat in the coming years …

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