A note…

It’s spring–time for tidying up, spring cleaning, and all that.  It’s also time for this here blog to get a new look.  Actually, this has been planned for some time, but I haven’t been able to find a theme I liked.  Poor, poor David— we’ve been volleying themes and emails back and forth for months…MONTHS I tell you!

I’d send ones to him, he’d reply “the formatting is off”, “it’s too dismal”, “it seems a bit boring.” 

He’d send ones to me and I’d reply “the dates are smooshed”, “I don’t love it”, “there’s nary a hint of orange–I NEED ORANGE!”

If he’s discovered any hair loss as of this year, there’s a slight possibility I played a part. 

THANKFULLY, I finally found something I like.  {insert thunderous applause here}

Now, I just  need to find the time to work on a few things.  More than likely it will be performed in stages–in between writing articles, sales tools, and web content for clients. That said, if in the coming weeks you notice weirdness–DON’T BE ALARMED!!!   Hopefully I’ll be able to work out the kinks with little-to-no lasting trauma–and the end result will be simply fabulous. 

At the very least, it will be something new!


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