1. Donuts! Excellent! My kind of weekend! Your flowers are GORGEOUS, Amy!! and…I haven't read the The Thorn Birds…or the Twilight series…haven't seen the mini-series or the movies… but, I will! 🙂

    • Amy

      Oh thank you!

      As for Twilight and The Thorn Birds: The Twilight series–Stephenie Meyer did do a good job of created likeable characters. Personally, I think that’s her strength … but should someone tell you they are fine works of literature, don’t listen! 🙂 The movies … I don’t know, they’re okay. There are certain aspects that just ANNOY me–and yet I watch, so there’s that. I really enjoyed The Thorn Birds miniseries; I thought it was very well done (especially for the 80’s) … all except maybe for the final installment. I’ll keep you posted on the book! 🙂

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