• Amy

      Thanks! And they were all taken downtown, Boise … Idaho … and all on the sides of various walls, now that I think of it. 🙂

    • Amy

      I guess I better note that the M with wings is part of the logo for “Flying M” coffeehouse … a perfect place to buy funky items, people watch, and sip one divine cup of java!

  1. couldn´t for my life figure that last one out! , postcards…"but how did she make them look like that with the shadow behind them, almost fake"..Thought you made some kind of design out of a picture of postcards. Then Josh helped me out. A wall!!! 🙂 Right? That is so cool!

    • Amy

      Yep … it’s made up of slats attached to a wall. When you look at it from one direction it looks like a vintage travel poster; then, of course, the other side is black and white photos from Idaho’s past … ere go, memories. A stretch, yes, but whatever … 🙂

  2. Ohhh Amy! Marvelous! I love your "M" photos!! and I love how you put this post together with the reflection in between! Boise is rockin! I want that flying M {it's my last initial}! Mechanics is amazing! Memories is perfect!

  3. You picked such a great spot to take pictures!! Such colorful and cool photos. Great job with your letter 🙂 I think my fave is the "memories" once…nice!

  4. i love all of your M's! great job! also, thanks for visiting my V's and for your sweet comment. i really appreciate each and everyone i get!
    xo, alely

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