1. I have to post one more…Those three pictures with the commenting just makes me laugh out loud!! You are so funny telling your stories Amy!! hahaha

  2. hee hee, sorry to laugh, but that's really funny!! and i can't believe the pics you got out of it while that was happening!! they came out good!

    • Amy

      Laugh away, my friend, laugh away. In all honesty, I can’t believe the pictures I got either … especially considering the middle one I didn’t even know I took, and I basically just held the camera up, snapped and quickly walked away for the last one. I had know idea he was laughing at me until they were on my computer. 🙂

  3. Mindi

    We had a mishap at the zoo once with some nasty geese. The animals that start with the letter 'g' must be the most dangerous ones.

  4. lol 🙂 awww…I don't think he was laughing.. I think that cutie was smiling at you! Oh, I love happy accidents!…the photo effect is fabulous, you camera stunt woman you!

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