1. Maddy

    How cool!! I stopped doing to-do list because it was just getting out of control. Now I have way to many misc things falling through the cracks :o/ I think I need to brace myself and tackle the to-do list again.

  2. Cute! I'm all about those baby steps! Ah, the fab Miss B.! I sure could have used this last week! I spent the whole week {yep, the whole week} clearing and cleaning…making room for a new list!

  3. Oh Amy…This is perfect for me. Especially as summer is winding down and 'Labour Day' is just around the corner, signaling my return to structure and routine and P*R*O*D*U*C*T*I*V*I*T*Y.


    Must get myself one of these.

  4. Oh, and PS: On a productive note this AM, I have added Magpie and Muttonfly to my blogroll, so I can easily keep up-to-date on your delightful postings!

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