1. Oh no, no, no!!! Lol! I'm sure it's not that awful! But regardless, that's a lessoned learned to leave the bang-cutting to the professionals from now on ;o)

  2. Manders

    Oh heavens….how bad is it, REALLY?
    Surely it cannot possibly be as bad as you think. I'm certain.

  3. You crack me up! hahahaha! And really. I doubt it is that terrible! Just put gel in it and make it stand up straight 😉
    Good luck By the way!!! heart&hug!

  4. Jill E.

    Hey, this was actually a cute style about 8 years ago (one that i wanted!). Don't know why it can't still be. If there's a blunt edge between the sides and the bangs, maybe a professional (ahem) could blend the sides into the bangs a bit to soften it up. Or whatever. I don't actually know what I'm talking about, but I'm certain there's a way for you to rock some super short bangs. I would have had them on purpose many a time if not for a very prominent cowlick.
    Good luck Amy!! 🙂

  5. Oh no, you poor thing!! We've all been there though – I say just be confident and go with it – I bet you look cuter than you think :)!!

  6. Awww, I bet it's absolutely adorable! 🙂 …but, I do empathize! I once {& only once} decided to cut my hair really short, think Cheryl Burke's sassy swing while she's dancing with a star! ..what was I thinking? The slightest bit of humidity or sweat turned my hair into a giant frizz bubble! Not sexy! Bobby pins saved my life! But seriously, look at how gorgeous your hair color is! Stunning! 🙂

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