1. Maddy

    I am so with you on all counts! I am terrible with having friends over! But not because I have pretty things at home(actually, my place is pretty bare!), but just because I'm not a very good hostess. But I am a great guest ;o)

    Glad that you have a great time with your friend. It's great when you can just "hang" without the need to feel too proper 🙂

  2. glad to hear you had a good time with your friend – that's all that matters (this is something I try and remind myself of when the house is a mess and someone stops over!) now the next step for me is to bring out the nice stuff on just a normal day 🙂

  3. 🙂 Your evening sounded wonderful! I wish I could spend more time with some of my friends! Those are the little luxuries that make life rich! Making memories is priceless!

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