1. danaberlith

    Oh What happy photos! I wish wish wish so so so much to be there for it one day! I Love the picture with the USA baloon!

  2. Oh! You have taken me there with you, filled my eyes with glorious colour and my senses with the excitement of the moment. All the more joyful for the missed years. Your photos are so vivid and crisp…thankfully you had a crystal clear day for the festivities.

    We have our own balloon fest here (http://www.atlanticballoonfiesta.ca), which is always held on my birthday weekend. The rising before dawn to travel there in the dark always adds a certain sweet sense of transport to another place and time, doesn't it?

  3. Vibeke Frandsen

    Oh, it brings back the fondest memories from my first visit to Boise! What an amazing time it was, and how wonderful to remember thru your story and pictures.
    – It´s been way to long since then…. !

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