1. danaberlith

    couldn´t agree with you more. You Have to have that treat waiting for you, to make yourself go. I do that when I take Micah to preschool (30 min there and back) I think about my coffee AND, my lit candle;) I can´t wait to share a delicous breakfast like that with you! (I´ll even go on the walk with you) !

  2. I love the way you treasure simple pleasures. Me too, me too. I wish I had the gumption to get up and walk in the morning. I'm sure I would love it once I finally dragged myself out of bed. I do love my sleep, you know.

    • amyjo

      I hear ya–sleep and coffee … SO much more enjoyable in the mornings. The trick (for me) is having someone to go with. Although, it reinforces my belief I could never have a personal trainer … I'm afraid I'd be forced to slip something in his energy drink just to get him off my back! 🙂

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