1. Oh, I'm with you – snuggling under a blanket and reading a page turner sounds like bliss right about now…sigh, do much to do though! glad to hear your event went so well!!

  2. Maddy

    I'm so glad to hear the event was a success!! And sorry you had to deal with Mr. Cranky Pants, but I guess there's always the crank in the crowd. Kinda reminds me of my concert experience last night. The people behind us were being so annoying and yelling at anyone…well, you know….that rocked out at a ROCK concert! I mean hello, if you want peace and quiet, watch the DVD instead! Geez! But anyways, I digress 🙁 Glad your friends made a surprise visit! Aren't friends the greatest!? Enjoy the rainy Monday.

  3. Oh, I am so glad to hear about this. What a wonderful idea to bring your typewriter. I love it!! I'm so glad everything (well nearly everything – there's always one.) went so well.

  4. honestly – some people think the entire world should be served to them on a platter. heaven forbid mr. cranky pants from having to do anything…LOL i'm glad it went well all things considered that there is one in every crowd. and finding out friends – what a great bonus!

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