1. oh no! the computer, the finger!!!! hope all are better soon. in other news, i hope your birthday was fun regardless of the other things not going right.

    and i hope you had a beautiful weekend.

  2. Maddy

    Oh no!!! Sounds like you had a tough week! I don't know what I would do without my beloved laptop! Luckily, I backup all my stuff to an external hard drive, so I wouldn't lose any "valuables" if that ever were to happen. But even so, I can imagine it being a pain in the butt to be "disconnected" for any extended period of time.

    Sending a big hug and Happy Birthday to you!! I can't believe I missed it last week 🙁 Well, I hope you had still enjoyed your special day, despite all the chaos. Glad you're back!!! xoxo

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