1. Maddy

    Sounds like my movie night watching 127 Hours! It's about the climber that get his arm trapped by a boulder and has to amputate his own arm to survive!! Talk about stress and tick-inducing build up to that moment! I couldn't even watch, it was that horrible to see! Great movie though 🙂 And don't get me started on the extra lbs. My fear is staying in that sluggish/careless mentality of eating junk throughout the holidays!

    • amyjo

      Yeah, I saw 127 Hours … no thank you very much. I've never been one for survivor movies … all because I don't want to see what they have to do to survive. I would have definitely not looked. Eeek!

      And I know … I'm gonna have to do something. Because I do so love my goodies! Luckily, my wee nephew is coming next week … that will give me a bit of running around to do! 🙂

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