• Amy

      I know. I beat everyone, really. I cried when he was in the bathroom, taking the glass out of his feet and telling the policeman that if he didn’t make it out alive, to tell his wife he loved her. Bawled like a baby. Sigh.

    • amyjo

      Nope, I win the prize for the biggest boob. I cried when he was in the restroom, picking glass out of his feet, asking the policeman to tell his wife he loved her, if he didn't make it out alive. It's making me a bit teary just thinking about it … just kidding! 🙂

  1. ha! another reason I fear dentists? that's crazy. the funniest job i had was a clerk at city hall – i posted tickets to the driving records….needless to say, i may or may not have posted tickets for my friends (hey, i was only 16)

  2. danaberlith

    hmm, is it bad to wear the same pants more than once a week? If so, I´d better go buy some more! :S

    • Amy

      Only if the stitching is out in the crotch area … then I’m gonna go ahead and say yes, it’s bad … so very, very bad … 🙂

    • amyjo

      Only if the pants you're wearing more than once are, in essence, crotchless … then I'm gonna go ahead and say yes, that's bad … very, very bad … 🙂

  3. Maddy

    Ewwww!!! Yellowed tighty-whites…I'm getting the most unpleasant visual! I've had many random jobs: washing dishes at a bagel shop, cataloging books at the library, cold calling for window installment appointments, cold calling for credit cards. Nothing as funny as your gig, but lots of random stuff! BTW – Thank God those days are over!

  4. Quinn

    I had an older man that was a weekly customer of mine at the grocery store who would chase me around his cart because he was trying to hug me. He only caught me once. After that I NEVER stopped moving.

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