1. firts day of december : 3 top layers +coat , 2 bottom layers, 2 socks, boots,scarf,mittens and hat! and off to get the boy from preechool! My scarf had frost on it. Very cold, but very beautiful. I can stand it a bit if the wind doesn´t blow!

    • amyjo

      Oh right … I shouldn't complain should I?! 🙂 Yikes! But you're right … it isn't as bad without the wretched wind!

  2. AimeeE

    I'm officially in the anti-snow camp as well. It's cold, wet, slick, and oh so heavy. Plus, I couldn't go see my pony because I promised my husband I wouldn't be driving on the back roads that are still icy from the last time it snowed.


    When did this become a winter state?

    • amyjo

      That's what I was wanting to know! I mean, yes, I vaguely recall snow when I was younger … but I thought we were past that … you know, global warming and all! 🙂

  3. Maddy

    Oh no!! I'm dreading snow around my way. I work for a brokerage firm, so if the markets are open, so are we 🙁 It's really horrible because we've had to work in blizzards and I've feared for my life on the drive back home. So snow can hold out a little longer.

    BTW -can't believe you have your lights up already!! I'm definitely tackling that project this weekend!

    • amyjo

      GASP! What in the world Maddy?! I do NOT like the sounds of that. Now any time I hear about a bad weather conditions your way I'm going to be all adither until you pop in … that said, if you ever decide to stop reading my blog … please do not do so under bad weather conditions. 🙂

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