1. Maddy

    Awww 🙁 Big Hugs! Must be sad to see them go, especially so far away. But perhaps a trip to visit them is in the horizon?? In the meantime, we should totally skype! I've never done it before and I couldn't think of anyone I would raher pop my skype cherry to ;o)

    • Amy

      HA! You slay me entwine … 🙂

      Hopefully you’re serious because I’m totally putting “meet Maddy” on my New Year’s resolutions list … then, when we Skype, I can feel all proud of myself for acccomplishing one of my goals!

  2. Ohhh, I'm sad. Skype sounds great, but I know it's far from the real thing. Yeah, a trip to Sweden for you! I wish I had miles for you. {Maddy 🙂 you're funny!}

  3. Now I´m bawling myself silly!!! And I did going through custums all the way! (I didn´t care that they looked at me funny) . This one was the hardest goodbye ever! EVER!
    I treasure every moment we got to be together!
    (I love what you did to the photo by the way)

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