1. ha! i had to laugh at this…but it sounds like great fun too. i have no problem being a nerd but i'm more of a space nerd in that i love all things star trek (not enough mind you to go to a convention or dress up, but i have been known to be the only female at a star trek movie showing…..)

    • amyjo

      Ooh, a Trekki … I love it! Yeah, I always have to offer that disclaimer too: we don't dress up or anything … 🙂

  2. Really?!…Medieval Society?! No, I'm not a member, but I have a friend who is/was! She and her husband were deep into it! They even made a documentary about the group. The garb, the swordplay, the King and Queen, the whole deal. The guests at their wedding were dressed in garb…bride and groom ride in on horses… Or is this a different Medieval group?

    I think they are so lucky to have you!

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