1. That is just a beautiful beautiful post! I have dreams.. ehum..stuck in the clouds ya know)
    And I don´t know any other person that is so encouraging to follow once dreams as you are! – you make me less scared of dreaming!You are an inspiration in what you do and what you have accomplished (spelling??) so far! But also. you have your feet on the ground ASWELL as your eyes drift towards the sky and your dream! And THAT is a great gift! Thank you for this post! Love you!!!
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  2. Maddy

    I am Miss Practicality…always have. But I'm trying to dream a little more each day. Heck! My whole photography biz is a dream in and of itself 🙂 Here's to hoping that some dreams do come true 🙂

  3. I love that video! Oh, how I can dream! It's funny, the necklace I've been wearing {like everyday or so it seems} says "dream bigger" on the back. There it is rests on my heart! I think it does make me dream bigger! I'm with Piper, dreaming to doing is the hardest thing for me, too. I love when you said, "Dreams are the road maps, reality the pavement. For this, my friends, is where the true adventure begins." I want an adventure {and that quote as a print}! 🙂
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