1. Oh no! Oh my! It hits you even harder I imagine, when it´s right on your street too! I only wish it was stolen goods it was about! And yes! Those out of the blue accidents definiately are the hardest ones! Sending a prayer for those it affected!
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  2. i completely agree with this sentiment! there's this part in our church service where the pastor basically just lists the names of people in our parish that are sick or have recently died. all i hear are their NAMES and i can't stop thinking about they lives they led or how they died or if one of the names was submitted by the family a couple pews away.
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  3. Maddy

    Its always unpleasant to hear of freak accidents deaths like this. My co worker just told me about a friend(38 years old) fell down the stairs at his sister's house and hit his head. Said he was fine, woke up next morning and his head was all swollen. He died shortly after leaving behind a wife and three kids under the age of 5. Just sad. Makes you think how fragile life can be. Sending prayers to all the families suffering today.

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