1. Maddy

    I'm guilty of eating mostly noodles too, but I promise to try to spend more time on the broth next time I visit my fave Thai restaurant! I wish I had your flexibiloty during the day. I feel like once I leave the office, my day is completely shot :o/

  2. I love broth! but yes, I´m afraid I´d gett full too quickly.
    Well, next time in Boise, I know where we are going then. It will be a break from all the burgers. And Josh will love it too! ( btw. nothing on burgers. All the food we had, burgers or not, was yum yum! except maybe Taco Bell…..)
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  3. That was beautiful! I never seem to have a problem getting to the last drop! 🙂 Ohhh, yummm! There's a Thai restaurant I've been meaning to try in my neighborhood and now I definitely must go…no more trying! 🙂
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