1. Maddy

    Well, the hair is quite frightful, but the rest of the package is nothing but extraordinary! Your dad should be flattered to be compared to the like of him…by his daughter no less 🙂 That has to be the greatest compliment of all!

  2. Oh but he Does look like him. And that is not a bad thing. Your dad is an handsome man. And his son is starting to look more and more like him the older he gets:)

  3. ditto what Maddy said! 🙂
    The photovoltaic business!… it must be exciting for him to see how the solar power industry has grown and changed over the years! I'm intrigued by photovoltaic paint… just the idea of it amazes me!
    My recent post Help for Japan

  4. Mary Ann

    Well, I could not agree more, Amy. However, I really had not noticed until you pointed it out. Life has been crazy busy the last few weeks but it is going to change as my body has gone"tilt" and I've got to slow down. Maybe we can do coffee one of these mornings. I would love that.

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