1. Maddy

    Well said! I just read another blogger's blog who was thinking about taking a long hiatus. She couldn't deal with everyone talking about what she considered nonsense when there is such a major crisis going on right now in the world….I feel her pain. Everyone copes differently. But however we decide to cope, we should all consider donating our time, resources and keep those suffering in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Remembering them in prayers, (that should include all the news we hear about people suffering everyday. Their misery is as painful as the ‘major’ ones.)
    We should be giving when we can as well as going on with our own lives and do our bes with what we have.
    It seems like huge catastrophes like this does remind us to treasure eachother more and to realize that life is fragile. But I do not like the cost for that realization . Thanks Amy for a great post:)

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