1. Maggie

    Well I've been meaning to email you or respond to a post and this seemed like the perfect opportunity! I too had not been on a bike in years before moving to Fort Collins. It's almost required here. How else would you participate in Tour de Fat or Bike in Cinema? Robert even received his very own FREE New Belgium cruiser bike on his one year anniversary at the brewery. (I'll have to send you a photo.) Our cruisers are for riding into Old Town and drinking on patios. We're still working on a mountain bike for me (which I have similar thoughts about as you did on your rented bike) so that we can ride "off road". Hmmm. I guess if we don't find one, we'll have to stick to the road, the movies, and the beer. How bad can that be?

  2. black, pink and turqousie!! Oh the happy happy colors of childhood. ( although, I´m trying to forget all about those happy colors combined together)
    It´s amazing how talented you are Amy! Running over yourself with a bike and all! hihihi
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  3. Maddy

    I haven't owned a bike in AGES!!! But if I did, I'd want something just like this…so pretty!

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