1. I wish, I wish, we had that kind of blooming here! Nothing more than tiny tiny flowers that you really have to search for, around here! I guess it will be our turn soon enough… Why are there ribbons on the capitol building?
    That solarflare picture makes me warm 🙂 something I really need! (it snowed again)
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    • amyjo

      In the U.S. yellow ribbons are basically a sign that we will not forget those who are fighting for our freedoms–that we are here, keeping a light on as it were, ready to welcome them back home!

      The photo here is very loosely tied … \”we will not forget\” 🙂

  2. Tiffany


    Jules is a friend of mine and when I saw your comment I had to check out your post. Your writing reminds me of hers…both very moving.

  3. I just love seeing what you post in this series {I love all your photos!}! ohhh..third times a charm..scrolled up again and found a hot{e) man right in front of my eyes… or am I seeing things? 😉
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    • amyjo

      Thanks Eileen … and your eyeballing the hot{e} man … now that was some good times! 🙂

  4. Maddy

    These are beautiful! Love the daffodil inspiration. Daffodils have always been my favorite flowers. Not only for their beautiful color, but because they are also a symbol of hope and new beginnings 🙂 I need to do something like this…a photo walk based on one color!

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