1. I just watched the vowe part even though it was at 2 this afternoon. I actually pictured it in my head to be more "royal". gold, biiig dress,crowns and things. ( I watched to many disney movies). I liked the green trees decorating the church.
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  2. i dvr'ed it so i could watch my favorite bits. it was gorgeous and very elegant and understated. i imagine them both to be that way.

  3. Maddy

    I think that even cynical folks loved that wedding! You could truly feel the love thoughout the ceremony 🙂 The stolen glances, the smiles, the extra kiss! I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did!

  4. went to check for a new post..am I crazy or did you change this post´s picture? anyways. I have to say that this months header image is the best so far! so happy! 😀
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  5. lots of comments from me, but I totally forgot why I posted that last comment. I love that flowerpicture! the orange backround! 🙂

  6. amyjo

    No, you're not crazy! Usually I can take decent photos outside … but for some reason the pic I took of the plum tree was grainy. WELL, I had it on the "indoors" setting. Sigh. So, I tried it again on Saturday … and reposted the photo. Because I did like the way the fence across the street came out like an orange background! 🙂

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