1. "scared the cat" hahaha. I doubt it!
    I wore shorts too for the first time this week. I totally ignored the fact that my legs are whiter than snow, and have other issues (that toejuice helps for 😉
    I totally looked cool! ( if I didn´t look at myself, wich I avoided, so therefor..I did look cool.-In my head)
    I noticed that my t-shirts are getting a little tight over the hip area. sigh!!! too many m&m´s and not enough effort for "beach 2011" as the cool people say!
    I love that photo by the way!!!
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  2. I don't even own shorts! 🙂 My knees won't see the light of day unless I'm wearing a dress…whats that? I did cut a pair of sweats right below my knees. Those are pretty cute! Do they call those clam diggers or capris? That's as short as I'll go. I bet your backyard gardening is beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 🙂
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