1. I ran over a kitten once by accident. Talk about traumatizing! I was on my way to church and a cat ran out in front of my car. Luckily. I was able to stop in time to let her cross, but little did I know that a baby kitten was following shortly after. When I thought the coast was clear I stepped on the gas and out walks baby kitten : ( I cried so much after it happened. I still get sad just thinking about it. Will you still be my friend now that I'm a confessed kitten killer?

    • amyjo

      Oh, Poor Maddy … of course we\’re still friends! I did nearly the same thing once. There were two cats off to the side so I slowed down until I passed them … but one ran underneath my back tires. :S So wrong, on so many levels. Sigh.

  2. I was just about to type my kitty story, when I realized..Ok..I think not this time.
    I´m glad your weekend was good! even if it rained.
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  3. I had a very quiet Memorial Day. The smell of my neighbors bar-b-q made me wish I didn't turn down a few outings, but I'm glad I stayed in. I did however, run to the market for a bottle of bbq sauce and George Forman'ed a little chicken breast! 🙂
    Ohhh, kitty stories… I, too, have one. One that I witnessed. Another day….
    Awwww… poor baby, it's ok, Maddy…
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