1. I haven't been in a paddle boat in ages, but I remember them being a lot of work! I feel the same way about summertime too….it hits me in waves. Like last weekend. I was sitting on the beach surrounded by family and my best buds and I couldn't think of a better way I would rather spend my day 🙂

  2. uh-oh..maybe I should skip the paddle boat this summer..I was going to try, but now 😉
    this post makes me smile cuz of the way you make me feel that breeze of summer too 🙂

  3. Mary Beth

    I am both sad and glad I couldn't go now. I'm already a wimp on a bike–can't imagine how puny I'd have been with the boat!

    • moi

      Mary Beth, the good news is, when you go with other adults, you’re not on your own–you have a partner to pick up the slack. Of course, if we had been partners, THEN we may have had some issues. 🙂

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