1. Kristi

    I love these pics! The car with the flag in the background – perfect! I really think I am going to frame the "be safe have fun" one. It has just the right look and it makes me smile! Too bad you sent me a copy or you might have been able to sell it to me…… 🙂

  2. Jules

    Oh I LOVE that picture of the men in blue shirts standing next to a blue truck!

    p.s. Dana–Peacock is more of a blue/green, I suppose. But, hey, I was trying to be creative! Also, I wanted wiggle room so we could take pictures of things that were sorta blue and green. 🙂

    • amyjo

      HA! I paid no mind to the shirts … I was more cracking myself up with the old timers standing behind the “Old Timers” blue truck. 🙂

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