Back to my regularly scheduled programming

Quite out of the blue, last week ended up a bit topsy-turvy. There was a book that had, in theory, already made it through editing, and therefore, design. A group of us had been hired to do a final proofread before it went to print. Well, that proofread turned into a fairly substantial edit, on hard copies … which meant there were at least 20 pages of notes, single spaced–from four different proofreaders–that had to be merged and otherwise dealt with.

A couple days just continued on into the evening for the Intern and me …

{"What do you think of the sentence structure on this one?"

Of course, the Office Manager made sure to sit behind us, so as to ensure we were actually working and not, you know, playing Solitaire or something.

I even went into one office or another for a couple days. One was big on energy conservation, allowing me to experience the need to move about periodically, lest the lights go out, and feel my way to the toilet paper. It also meant the FLAVIA Creation 400. That’s right, the FLAVIA Creation 400, people–where you can whip up a coffee, tea, or hot cocoa … flavored, even … and when it’s all said and done, the machine offers a kindly, “Enjoy your coffee!” And I did … I did enjoy my Milky Way.

While it was kind of nice to have a break from routine, I’m looking forward to keeping regular hours, in my own office–where I make my own coffee, the Intern slacks, the Office Manager turns a blind eye, and my breaks are filled with the likes of changing the water and throwing a load of laundry in the dryer.


  1. It's nice to switch things up a bit, but I always enjoy the comfort of regular routine! And I have also enjoyed my fair of Flavia coffee courtesy of my old part-time job 🙂 I loved making the cappuccino and hot chocolate with the multiple packets!

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