Moving forward from here, thank you

Well,  my friends, we’ve managed to survive yet another Mercury Retrograde. We’ve nothing to do now, but buy the shirt.

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, let me tell you: in Roman mythology, Mercury was a messenger of the gods; he was also something of a trickster. So, by association, the planet Mercury tends to get a bad rap. Mainly, when it goes retrograde–or plays tricks with the mind, and appears to orbit backward–astrologists insist it can leave us in dire straights. Dire straights, people! And to think, you had no idea of the peril lurking right outside your door–not to mention the ready-made excuse. Bad hair day? Mercury retrograde. Slipped off the deck and had a minor meltdown? Mercury retrograde. That big project that was * this close to coming to fruition hits not one, but two major setbacks? Mercury retrograde.

Fortuitous, really.

But for now, it comes to an end–at least we can no longer blame the tomfoolery of our lives on Mercury’s shenanigans.

For now, we’ve no recourse but to move forward, right into a weekend. So wherever you go, and whatever you do, take full responsibility and make it a good one;

… here’s to you, and moving toward a fabulous weekend!


  1. Well Have a great weekend! We're supposed to be getting a hurricane…fun times! Can't blame that one on Mercury 🙂

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