Bob’s your uncle

Don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying a wee holiday in Cornwall–in my dreams, if nothing else.

In reality, I’ve been partaking in a Doc Martin marathon. As you may recall, I got hooked on the show when PBS started airing it Sunday evenings. I was quite content to watch one episode each week, until I managed to hook a friend, who in turn watched all four seasons on Netflix. Now we’ve been warned: Watch them, or face the consequences. She can no longer be trusted to keep her mouth shut.

Needless to say, we’ve watched three each evening for the last two evenings; the remaining three are on tap for the weekend.

There’s a slight chance the weather will even cooperate–I’ll light a few candles, sip some tea, and comment in a British accent. It will be quite lovely.

Now, if only I could get my hand on a wee stone cottage. Because I’m fairly certain everything’s better in a stone cottage.

But I digress …

So to you, a happy weekend. Wherever you may roam, on land or in imagination, may it be a good one.

… cheers, my friends!



    • amyjo

      Yeah, he’s really not right … and yet, you can’t help but cheer for the fellow! 🙂 And speaking of seasons, the fifth season just started. Not sure when we’ll be able to see the episodes … but they’re out there …

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