1. Scott F. Guinn

    You made us both cry. Josiah didn't, but I bet he will when he's old enough to understand! Thank you, our dear sister!

  2. Twilla Eden

    Amy………You have a beautiful descriptive way of expressing the hearts of many!! Thank-you for using your gift to rejoice in the miracle of Josiah!

  3. Anna Foster

    That was great!! A great encouragement to all who have walked this road or are walking this road, that the GOD of the universe sees us and cares and IS working whether we see it or not. Love the post!!

  4. danaberlith

    …and here I sit bawling. I am so Grateful to God for what He has done for them. It shows, to us all, That Gos is able! and He alone is in control!
    My recent post fall

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