1. danaberlith

    we have another sort of beauty here by now. The gray, wet kind. The leaves are still pretty where they are on the ground, but not long til they are dead. Soon, soon King winter will arrive 🙂
    My recent post fall

  2. Jodi Siebe

    Happy Halloween to you and your mom. Loved the Ellen video. Boy that lady sure did a lot of screaming! Loved the Fall photos. It made me homesick for Boise. We have some beautiful trees here, too. Our big Maple tree looks irredecent or however you spell that. Hope you get some cute Trcik or Treaters. That's what I always enjoy on Halloween. We hardly get any kids cause we live on a dark street. Corse now that I say that, I'll probably have a lot and I only bought a small amount of candy so I wouldn't be tempted to eat the leftovers. Well, have a fun time. Talk to you soon. Ana Jode

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