And just like that

It was Christmas.

I’m sure to miss my brother and his family this year. I’ve purchased nary a present. There’s not a Christmas card to be found. Every time I’ve pondered my Christmas letter, it ends something along the lines of “well, that sucked!”

And yet, there was something about Thanksgiving this year that warmed my heart beyond measure.

Perhaps it was eating my mom’s famous cornbread stuffing . . . spending time with my aunt and uncle . . . lounging about, laughing. Perhaps it was a few days where there wasn’t a thing I had to do, nary a place I had to be. Perhaps it was the long walk after Thanksgiving . . . hearing a family out playing horseshoes to the left, glancing at a family around a big table to the right . . . Facebook messages and photos full of moments spent with those we love.

Speaking of which, remember when I asked for prayer for little Lily? Well, last week her mama sent family and friends a Smilebox: After “68,342,400 seconds spent praying, 1,139,040 minutes spent worrying, 18,984 hours spent hoping they knew what they were doing, 791 days of treatment for a cure, 42 chemo appointments, 29 spinal taps, 4 bone marrow biopsies, and 1 surgery” Lily had her last chemo appointment.

I dare say, we can’t get much more thankful than that.

And a heart overflowing with gratitude? Well that makes Christmas that much brighter.


  1. danaberlith

    May the end of this year a tleast, be absolutely fantastic for you!!! Take the pressure out of Christmas. Don´t stress over such a wonderful thing.. I know, I know.. easier said than done., Whenever stressed, : Breath, have a cup of coffee, take 10 minutes and go outside and inhale fresh air 🙂 SO, SO sad not to be there this Christmas!
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