Our future’s so bright

I know, I know . . . after the crazy going-ons of this last year, I promised myself wasn’t going to greet 2012 with any sort of optimism.  But it can’t be helped. After all, have you heard? Pantone Color Institute announced their fashion color trends for 2012 . . . and it includes Tangerine Tango. That’s orange, people–the color of joy and sunshine, creativity and success!

So let’s just take a moment and relish all the new year might be . . .

{orange sailor skirt by Anthropologie}

{teal and orange iPhone case by Creative Design WKS}



  1. danaberlith

    how exciting. It will be your year for sure. Being started with you fav color 🙂 I LOVE that iphone case. and the purse ! 🙂
    My recent post oy!

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