1. Chris Jones

    Hi Amy….

    Love this post! I stumbled across your blog site whilst looking for a 'seasonal' Facebook cover.

    I wanted to get away from the 'normal' holly and snowmen stuff (although they have there own nostalgic magic) and try to plant small thoughts of the meaning of Christmas.
    What is it that people love about Christmas? Is it the time off work, the gifts, the family, the turkey…or is there something deeper here, locked away in our spirit? 🙂

    Have a great 2012 Christmas!


    • amyjo

      Thank you for this note, Chris.

      I imagine the magic of Christmas encompasses a little of everything mentioned–food, memories, festivity. But whether we admit it or not, it remains the miracle of the season, that truly captures our spirits . . .

      With that, a great Christmas to you!

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