1. Ick – sorry they were so rude. Doesn't it seem like they're always pestering you when you don't want to be bothered and then nowhere to be found when you need them?

  2. danaberlith

    I always wanted to go there since I saw the episode with Phoebe on friends where she got an apotekary coffeetable 😉 But no. snooty people..No.

  3. I've never ventured into Pottery Barn myself, but I'm so disappointed to read your experience. You would think that in this day in age of "customer service" that Pottery Barn would exceed in this department. Sounds like they should take some of the money that are making off their ridiculously priced products and invest it in charm school for their staff. Seriously…how rude!

    • amyjo

      Yeah, it’s the reason I didn’t set foot in the store. Sometimes it’s best just not to know–then I could be free to shop online without a guilty conscious!

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