1. Erin

    This made me tear up a little bit. You have the most beautiful spirit and I don't doubt God has wonderful plans for your life that He is putting into motion now, even in stillness, struggle and disappointment.

  2. This post really hit a nerve with me as I've been contemplating what to do with my love of writing. It's practice – it's how you get good at normal every day things. And who put it in my head that that doesn't apply to writing, I don't know. But it does. And now, to practice!
    My recent post Little Red's Last Stand

    • amyjo

      Read, write, repeat. That\’s really all you have to do; so yes, by all means, practice! Also, I recommend hanging out with other writerly types . . . those who will inspire you to keep going when you\’re tempted to give up!

      Can\’t wait to see what you come up with . . . 🙂

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